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My Bitcoins World Faucet

[600 - 6,000 Satoshis]

Balance: 12 satoshi

60 (60%), 700 (7%), 800 (8%), 900 (9%), 1000 (10%), 6000 (6%) satoshi every 150 minutes.


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How to get free bitcoins?

There are many sites on the Internet where you can get your first free bitcoins that will serve to get to know a little better this coin.

How to get free bitcoins? Bitcoin wallet

Before you can apply for your first bitcoins will need to have a purse where to save them. Your bitcoin wallet allows you to create addresses bitcoin which can be used to receive and send this coin. There are several purses supported each other as the official client for which you need to have more than 10 Gbytes of hard drive to store all the chains of blocks and may take to synchronize the first time more than one week.

Besides purse applications, for both PC to mobile, there are purses web as Coinbase that also offer services that allow you to pay with bitcoins in your site or shop online, such as buttons or shopping cart.

If you choose an application for your computer and mobile phone, you are responsible for making backups of your data and prevent intruders from accessing your bitcoin.

If you choose a purse web, you are giving your bitcoin protection to a third party. Cases of bitcoins major losses have been by theft, either by hackers or administrators own purse. How to get free bitcoins?

There are plenty of places online to get your first bitcoins. I've made a selection among which they've tried based on the amount of money that can be obtained and the effort that must be made to achieve this.

Why do give you free bitcoins? The sites I've visited earn money by advertising which used a portion of their income to reward those who visit the page or click on ads that suggest. The drawback of these pages is not sending you got money until you do not get a certain amount. Certainly many of those who enter these pages charge ever won to not reach the required minimum FreeBitcoin

A site that I really like is FreeBitcoin, you can get every time a minimum of 2.2 uBTC and they make payments every Monday provided that have been achieved the 54,64 uBTC (minimum amount accepted by the Bitcoin network for transactions).

The first time you access you must give a bitcoin address, I recommend that you generate a specific to each site that you access in such a way that you may have controlled the revenue that each page provides you.

Whenever you go to FreeBitcoin if you are logged in and it happened more than once since the last time you accediste you will have to solve a captcha. If this is correct it will generate a random number from 0 to the 10,000 that will allow you to access different amount Awards remain the largest more than 0.22 BTC.

While waiting to get more bitcoins free, if you wish you can bet the bitcoin you want in a game that will allow you to multiply your wager up to 100 times (configurable, to more difficult multiplication factor is winning). Daily Bitcoins

Daily Bitcoins in addition to allowing you to get 1uBTC every hour gives you coupons that allow you to insert advertising in Daily Bitcoins without investing a single bitcoin. To be able to collect the money got you have to reach the 0.1 Republico. BitVisitor

BitVisitor allows you to earn bitcoins viewing advertising provided that you keep it open in your browser for 5 minutes. Once finished the period you can again win bitcoins. The amounts vary each time is usually less than 1 uBTC. Payment is made each 100 uBTC. CoinAd

The most interesting thing about CoinAd is that you can win every day about 15 uBTC viewing web sites connecting only once a day. The time display of each page is different to being related to the reward. For example there are pages that you have about 20 seconds to get 3.10 uBTC and others for 10 seconds you get 1.55 uBTC. You can request the money generated from 150 uBTC, although they will take to send you a week.

Ten services I've tried only I've got income the above-mentioned four, since the time required for each other to reach the minimum to be able to collect has made me abandon them. If you have to stay with two would choose city which is the page where with less effort the minimum can be taken to collect and revenue can be achieved with FreeBitcoin that spending a few minutes every hour.

Bitcoins, with its advantages and disadvantages, can play its role as an important role in payments on the Internet, I see interesting learning to use them with the free bitcoins which provide pages as recommended.